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The courses are jam packed with other short instructional videos, tips, and techniques.

Egg Foundations

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Platform Tour
Introduction to Poaching Eggs
Poaching Eggs: Objectives
Getting Set-Up to Poach Eggs
Egg Poaching Technique
Introduction to Egg Safety
Introduction to Egg Nutrition
Introduction to Boiling Eggs
Introduction to Frying Eggs
Introduction to Shakshuka
Introduction to Omelets-High Volume Production
Introduction to Egg Anatomy, Sizing, Purchasing Various Market Forms
Introduction to Preparing Eggs Safely
Introduction to Scrambling Eggs
Introduction to Eggs in Beverages
Introduction to Made to Order Omelets
Introduction to Global Egg Sandwiches
Introduction to Baked Eggs-Frittatas
Egg Safety: Objectives
Egg Nutrition: Objectives
Boiling Eggs: Objectives
Frying Eggs: Objectives
Objectives: Shakshuka
Omelets-High Volume Production: Objectives
Egg Anatomy, Sizing, Purchasing Various Market Forms: Objectives
Objectives: Preparing Eggs Safely
Scrambling Eggs: Objectives
Objectives: Eggs in Beverages
Objectives: Made to Order Omelets
Objectives: Global Egg Sandwiches
Baked Eggs-Frittatas: Objectives
Introduction: Eggs on the Farm
Key Risks, Identifying & Reporting Foodborne Illnesses
Key Nutrients in Eggs
Selecting Equipment for Boiling Eggs
Preparing Fried Eggs
Choosing a Shakshuka Pan
Equipment for Making Pre Cooked Omelet Sheets
Egg Anatomy
Safe Cooking Times & Temperatures
Preparing Eggs for Scrambling
Types of Egg-Based Beverages
Pans for Making Pan-Cooked Omelets
Varieties of Egg Sandwiches
What are Frittatas?
Reducing Risk
Benefits of Eggs: Protein
How to Prepare Boiled Eggs
Preparing Basted Eggs
Preparing the Shakshuka Ingredients
Preparing Eggs for All Omelets
Pasteurizing Eggs
Scrambled Eggs
How to Prepare Key Lime Soda
Preparing Egg for All Omelets
Ways to Cook Eggs for Sandwiches
Choosing a Frittata Pan
Hen Health
Buying Pre-cooked Hard Boiled Eggs
Making a Typical Shakshuka
How to Make Pre-cooked Omelet Sheets
Purchasing Strategies
Reheating and Serving Eggs
How to Prepare Tiramisu Coffee
How to Make a French Omelet
Pre-Cooked Eggs for Sandwiches
Preparing the Frittata Ingredients
Environmental Management
Using Hard Boiled Eggs
Making a Large Pan of Shakshuka
Preparing Fillings, Toppings, and Sauces
Fresh/Refrigerated Whole Eggs
How to Prepare Vietnamese Style Egg Coffee
Adding Ingredients to French Omelets
How to Prepare a Malaysian-style Egg Sandwich
Making a Basic Frittata
Understanding Hens: Part 1
Storing Omelet Sheets
Pasteurized Liquid Eggs
Making an American Folded Omelet
How to Make a Vietnamese-style Egg Sandwich
Making a Large Pan of Frittata
Understanding Hens: Part 2
Cutting the Omelet Sheets
Refrigerated & Frozen Value-Added Egg Products
Making a Griddle Cooked Omelet
Understanding Eggs: Part 1
Rolling and Folding Omelet Sheets
Dried Egg Products
Understanding Eggs: Part 2
Setting up Service Station
Efficient Service Techniques
Final Assembly Demonstration

Egg Functionality

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Adhesion, Coating, and Glazing
Color and Browning
Flavor, Aroma, and Taste
Nutrient Fortification